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I miss squirrel hunting at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  There are always squirrels for me to hunt!


I am particularly good at chasing them from the bird feeder!  Let me at them!  Let’s get them!  Woof!

Mochi smiles

Hope your Friday was smile-worthy!


Mine involved good walkies, playtime, and a dried sweet potato to chew on!  Not bad for a Friday, not bad at all.  Woof!

Don’t bother me

Please don’t bother me right now.

I’m busy sleeping in my bed while the door snake isn’t bothering me and hogging up precious bed space.  We can talk after I’ve taken my nap!  Woof!

Farmers’ market days

I love farmers’ market days.  There’s always something tasty for Mochi when Mommy and Daddy come home.


The carrots are the bestest!


It’s time to eat these now, right?  Fresh carrots, oh boy!  Woof!

Hey, what are you looking at?  Haven’t you ever seen a dog with his toy before?

What’s that, you want to play?  Okay, let’s play!  Woof!