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Is it time yet?

Daddy, is it time yet?  I want walkies.  And then I want numnums, please.  Preferably sooner rather than later, okay?


And just to let you know how serious I am, I will stare at you until you notice me.  So let’s just go out, okay?  Woof!

Hey is that blueberry I smell up there?!


I love blueberries!  Can we have some fresh from the bush, please?  They will be so good!  Woof!

Laundry day

Mommy and Daddy kept talking about washing my stuff.  I didn’t quite figure out what they were talking about until all my beds disappeared and all that was left were the inner pillows.


This is seriously not okay.  Please return my bedding soon, I need my beds!  Woof!


Mommy got tired of me looking like a “shaggy beast” so she and Daddy stripped me.


She says I look super cute like a puppy again.  Unless that translates into treats, I don’t think having to go through all that stripping was worth it.  Wait, is that a tendon you’re pulling out for me?  Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all!  Woof!

Banned from the kitchen

Grandma was cooking and she said I was being a pest so I got banned from the kitchen.


I’m sorry Grandma!  It just smelled so good and I’m so hungry!  Can I please come back in?  Woof!

Happiness is…

Happiness is a Mochi in a Daddy’s lap.


This is the bestest!  Well, it could be even better with something to nibble on.  What do you say, Daddy?  Woof!