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Brrr, it’s cold!

It’s cold so I’m going to walk around with my blanket.

Isn’t it a cute one?  Woof!

Help me!

Someone, please help me!

Please, please, please help me!

One year of MochiWoof!

My blog is one year old today!!  Hurray!

Here’s to another year of Mochi cuteness, smiles, and slobberkisses.  Woof!

This is how I roll.

This is how I roll: some yummy treats in my toy to lick off with a bit of hip-hop.

I’m definitely living the good life!  Woof!

Fluffy bed

Mommy and Daddy washed my bedding.  I was really upset at first to see all my stuff disappear (I had them just the way I liked them!!!) but after they washed and dried everything and put them back, I realized just how fluffy my bed had become.

Ahhhh, so comfortable.  I think I’ll just rest here for a bit.  Woof!

Recycling, Mochi style!

Mommy and Daddy have taught me the importance of recycling.

After they’re done with a roll of paper towels, I get to play with the roll for a bit!

Well, until I start eating it anyway, then Mommy takes it away.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!  Woof!


It’s naptime!

This is how I’m all energetic and ready to play when Daddy gets home!  Woof!


It’s time to play with my new toy!!

Whew, I’m tired now.  Time to rest!  Woof!

My 4th birthday!

Today is my birthday!!

I am so excited!  I had fun today!  We went to the local pet store and Mommy and Daddy bought me some birthday goodies!  I got a new toy!

And they bought me my very own pupcake!

Mmmmmm, carob and peanut butter, that was good!!  I can’t wait until next year!  Woof!


I had a pretty good day today…until I made a little girl cry.  What’s that you say?  How on earth could someone as cute and cuddly as me make a little girl cry?  Well, it’s simple.  Daddy and I were out on our afternoon walk, checking out what’s been going on in the ‘hood when we encountered a girl and her daddy.  The little girl said she wanted to say hi to me, so I was super excited.  I was good, wagged my tail, gave kisses and all sorts of loving…and then I noticed it in her hand.  A stick.  It was a sign that she wanted to play with me right?  I jumped at it, thinking she would want to play with me, but she didn’t want to give it to me.  I tried again and was victorious…and then she burst into tears.  I didn’t understand it!  Daddy took the stick away from me and gave it back to her, and explained to me that the stick was the little girl’s magic wand and not a toy.  I had to think about it at home a bit before I understood, I thought it was just a toy to play with!


Now I feel all mellow.  Sorry little girl, I’ll be sure to ask first next time!  Woof!