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Two squirrels were hanging out on my balcony!


I’m not sure what they were up to, but I’m sure it was no good.


Look at that naughty thing just taunting me.  It makes me want to hunt!

Unfortunately I didn’t catch them, but I did scare them away with the help of Mommy and Daddy.  I’ll be watching and waiting for next time, squirrels!  Woof!

Squirrel hunting

It is a lovely day for squirrel hunting.


I saw one earlier so I’m hoping that it will come back with some friends.  If only Daddy were paying attention to me right now, he’s my hunting helper!  Woof!


It’s been a little cold outside, at least for LA standards, but I still have been enjoying the sun when we go on my daily afternoon walkies.  One of my favorite things to do is to hunt squirrels–so much that I don’t have time to look at Mommy when she’s trying to take my picture.


I suppose you could say that I look very thoughtful, but let me tell you the truth: I’m hunting for squirrels because they like to run on the telephone wire next to my home.  You never know when one will go by when Daddy is trying to open the door!  I hope that I can find one really soon, woof!


I miss squirrel hunting at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  There are always squirrels for me to hunt!


I am particularly good at chasing them from the bird feeder!  Let me at them!  Let’s get them!  Woof!

On patrol

I’m a bit tired today, but I’m still doing my squirrel patrol duties.


Good thing I know Daddy will let me know if he sees something.  We make a great squirrel hunting team!  Woof!

I encountered a squirrel on walkies.  I spotted it high up on the power lines before Mommy and Daddy like a good, alert little Norwich.  When it knew I had spotted it, the squirrel froze.


I wanted to cross the street and chase after it, but Daddy said no.  It was a nice and fat one, I just know I would have gotten it!  Woof!


I’ve been squirrel hunting a lot lately.  This scrawny juvenile squirrel keeps hanging out on my balcony.

One day, I will get you squirrel.  Until then, I will be waiting.  Woof!