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It’s a Friday at the end of summer, and I’ve been really busy traveling with my mommy and daddy.  It’s been a lot of fun and makes me think about the places I’ve been in my three and a half years, and I’d have to say, I’m a rather well-traveled dog!  After my first plane ride from Seattle down to Los Angeles, my first major trip was a drive across the country!  Here’s a glimpse of a few of the highlights.

Those are big mountains, Daddy…

Snake River?  Thank goodness I’m up here, I don’t want to get my paws wet crossing!

What the heck is this, Daddy?!

Stop the car for me, I have to take a break and a photo!

What do you mean there’s a puppy that looks just like me and has my exact same toy in Des Moines?!

My first look at New York!  Where are the skyscrapers?

Whew, all of that travel tired me out.  Better get some rest in.


Oh the days of being a puppy, it was such a good trip though!

Puppy eyes

Over my three and a half years, I’ve perfected the puppy eyes look.

Mommy, I love you–please feed me?

My very special carrot

My grandma grew a carrot for me.  Yup, that’s right, my very own organic, homegrown carrot. Bet you’ve never gotten one grown just for you!  She knows how much I love carrots and gave one to me fresh from the garden.

Look at that beauty!  I was so excited, I carried it around a bit!

But eventually I decided I wanted to taste its yumminess and started munching-crunching on it.

Daddy eventually took it away from me and cut it up into nice bite sized pieces for me to eat after my dinner.  It is so yummy, I’m so lucky!


Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days, I’ve been very, very busy.  Here’s a glimpse at how I’ve been spending my time.



I’ve got some moves, don’t I?  Thank you Lucille’s Mommy for letting me sit in your lap so I could kiss Lucille!  Woof!

Usually when I’m at home in Los Angeles, Mommy doesn’t let me lay at her feet while she’s working on the computer.  Dangerous, she says, since her chair has wheels, so she always shoos me away.  Well, sometimes when she’s working on her laptop when I’m at my Northern California grandparents’ house, she works with the computer on her lap and sits on the sofa, which means I can rest at her feet!  It’s great because I get to be close to her, and because, as I found out, Mommy’s foot makes an excellent pillow!

Ahhh, this is the life.  Woof!

Me and my girl!

I’ve been able to visit my BFFs over the past few days, it has been so much fun!  I miss them when I’m not visiting my Northern California grandparents.  It’s so great to have such awesome playmates just right across the street.  When I saw them over the weekend, Lucille and I had a really fun time wrestling some.

I hope she and I get to play again really soon!

That’s Amore!

Flashback photo day!  I love my Daddy and he loves me, can’t you tell?



I have a treat hidden in here to uncover when Mommy and Daddy go out.  Remember how they wrap up a treat inside a toy and put it in my toy beehive and then wrap it up in my blanket?  Yup, even hidden in there I will find it and eat it!  So much fun!

It is my precious!  Now go away Mommy and Daddy so I can get it!


Pet store shopping day, hurray!

All of this is for ME!  I’m such a lucky terrier.

Can we please open up some of these tendons now?  Please, please?  Woof!

Bath time :(

It’s that time of the month.  Don’t make me, please, please!  Gogo puppy eye power!

Nooo, nooo!!


No, don’t get any closer with that cup of water!

Ah drat, I’m all wet now.

Help me!!!  Woof!