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Peanut butter tongue

I can’t stop thinking about how yummy that peanut butter was the other day.  Mommy and Daddy were laughing at my peanut butter tongue.

Oh boy, oh boy, that was tasty!  Let’s make more muffins with peanut butter!  Woof!

Paws and Claws

When I was visiting Grandma and Grandpa, we got to go to Paws and Claws, my favorite Bay Area pet store!  I was so excited to be there and pick out something tasty.


On the walk back home, Mommy and Daddy stopped at Hive for some coffee and hot chocolate.  I like how they have a special window for people walking their puppies.img_4745-m

On the walk home, Grandma carried my new treats in her tote bag.  I paid close attention to the bag all the way up the hill!


Grandma, it smells sooooo good!  Can I have a taste yet?  Woof!


Happy holidays!

I’m not really sure why Mommy made me sit under this tree, but I hope I get something good for it.


Wait a second, is that a blueberry I see you holding, Grandma?  Oh, in that case, happy holidays everyone!  Ok, give me my blueberry!  Woof!

Holiday baking

The best part of the holidays is the holiday baking–baking Grandma’s peanut butter and jelly muffins for brunch in particular.


I always have an important job there: clean the peanut butter spoon.  It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it!




Okay, I’m a bit enthusiastic about my job.  And now I have peanut butter tongue.


Small sacrifices to make to help Grandma!  Are you sure we’re done baking?  Woof!

Staring eyes

What are you looking at?

I can feel you staring at me!  I can’t sleep like that, so do something else for a bit, okay?  Woof!


This is what I look like in the morning when Daddy lets me out of my crate.


It’s nice and cozy in here with my crate pads, but I’m ready to go out and have fun!!  Woof!


It’s playtime!!  I love my squirrel, thanks Aunty Alina and Aunty Kathy!

Let’s play!!  Woof!