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Summer days

It’s hot today.

I’m just going to sleep like this to keep cool.  Also, will you please turn the air conditioning on for me?  I can’t reach it to turn it on myself.  Thanks!  Woof!

National Dog Day

What’s that you said?

It’s National Dog Day?

Why do you need National Dog Day when it is Mochi Day everyday?  Woof!

Hanging out with Uncle Law

I like it when Uncle Law comes over.  It’s fun to play with him.  When he is busy working, I know not to bother him, so I wait by his feet.

I miss you, Uncle Law!  Come visit me soon!  Woof!

New toy!

Daddy bought me a new toy!

It’s not quite the same as the one that disappeared, but it is still fun!

If I hold it like this, Daddy can’t get it, right?!  Woof!

Sleeping with slippers

Since I’m not allowed on the futon, sometimes I’ll just sleep on the floor at Mommy’s feet with her slippers.

They don’t make the best pillow, but it’s worth it to be near Mommy!  Woof!

Lure toy!

Oh boy oh boy, Aunty Debbie gave me a new lure toy!

Daddy and I love playing with it together.

Oops, I exhausted Daddy running around!

Guess you can just lay on the floor there while I use your belly to chew on my toy some more!  Thanks Aunty Debbie!  Woof!

Eating a rainbow

Grandma says it is important to eat a rainbow.

I got so excited when it was ready!

It was so good!!

Well, the spinach wasn’t as tasty as everything else.  I did eventually eat it…

Grandma says eating a rainbow is healthy, but I think it is yummy.  Let’s eat a rainbow again soon!  Woof!

Best day ever

Today was one of the best days ever.  I got to play with my BFFs and got to go to one of my favorite pet stores, Paws and Claws!  They didn’t have the food Mommy and Daddy wanted to get me, but I got some treats!

Awww yeah, I am one happy Norwich!  Now, how about trying one of those sweet potato and venison treats you bought me?  Woof!