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Busy weekend!

I had a really busy weekend, so sorry I haven’t blogged lately!  The highlight of my weekend was going to the family picnic!  At first, I wasn’t sure where we were going, so I had to ask when we got into the car.

But then Mommy said we were going to the picnic and I got excited!  I love picnics, it means lots of attention for Mochi, possible food scavenging and…LOTS of squirrels!  Yeah, let’s go!

It turned out that while I loved getting attention (and some watermelon and blueberries!), I was mostly busy hunting squirrels.  I swear those squirrels were taunting me.

Didn’t catch one this time, but I know it will be different next year!!  Watch out, squirrels!  Woof!

I hung out with some AAS folks last night at a party.  I think that I was definitely the life of the party with my super cute looks!  I got to check out lots of food…


And made sure everything was good to eat!

Yup, those cupcakes are safe, Mommy!

I even managed to get people to feed me watermelon with my puppy eyes look!  Being the life of the party is hard work though.  When I got home, all I wanted to do was this:

Better rest up and get ready for next time!  Woof!

Hot dog

Why is it so hot?  😦

All I want to do is lounge around on the floor cuz it’s so hot!

I refuse to move until you give me a frozen banana!  Or turn the AC on for me, that would work, too.  Woof!


Cute eyes

I have the power of the cute eyes.

Right now, I am telling you that I would very much like something yummy to eat (and not to take another bath!).  Please?  Woof!

Friday night bath

I hope your Friday night was better than mine–I had to take a bath!

Mommy, please, please, please say I don’t have to!

Drat.  Mommy, please, please, please save me!

Double drat.  I guess this means I’ll get a marrow bone for my participation, but I’d much rather skip the bath and go straight for the bone!  Woof!

Jackson and Annelise are two of my other friends who I see on walkies sometimes.

This is Jackson.  He’s got big soulful eyes, a big dog voice, and a body like a tank.

We’re homies who share a love for food and using our big dog voices outside.

This is Annelise, Jackson’s sister.  She doesn’t like me so much.  Daddy says she is aloof.  I’m not really sure what that means.

Jackson photobombed Annelise’s first shot, so Mommy had to take another.  Anything in pursuit of that yummy smelling dried fish in Mommy’s pocket!  I feel ya, Jackson!  Now, how about a treat?  Woof!