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Halloween walkies

I don’t like wearing costumes, but I can still appreciate the Halloween decorations on my walkies!



Do you think if we go trick-or-treating here that they would have a tasty treat for me?  Woof!

Bath day

Uh oh, I’m pretty sure I heard Mommy and Daddy say the b-word.  Please say it isn’t so!


Ah drat.


I better get a big marrow bone for doing this!  Bath day is torture!  Woof!

One of the best things to do on rainy days is to cuddle with your Mommy and Daddy.


It makes me so happy, I can’t help but smile!  Rain, what rain?  Woof!

Cute looks

A cute Mochi look for your day!


Everything is bound to be better after you’ve seen this face, right?  Right?!  Want to know what will make my day better?  Something tasty to eat!  What do you say?  Woof!

My morning face

This is my morning face.


Yup, that’s right, I have the most adorable morning face ever.  See how I arranged my crate pad like a pillow?  Pretty smart, huh?   After this, Daddy and I go on morning walkies and then it’s numnums time!  Best time of the day!  Woof!


I love my brown bed.  It has a nice bumper on the side that makes a comfy pillow for my head.


Ah, this is the life.  Let me nap a bit then we can play, okay?  Woof!

It’s hot out, so I am declaring it to be a lay on the carpet kind of day.


No plans to move…wait, did you just go to the refrigerator?  Is it something for Mochi?  I totally need to find out now!  Carpet, we will lounge together again as soon as I investigate.  I can’t pass up the chance for a piece of frozen banana!  Woof!

Baby Iko

A few weeks ago, I met baby Iko.  I wasn’t really sure what to make of him, I never had seen a human so young.  First we checked each other out.


And then we sealed our friendship with a kiss.


I think we’re gonna be good friends.  I can’t wait to teach him about how to be a good boy!  Woof!

Mochi for Mochi?

Mommy and Daddy bought some mochi.  No, not the ME kind but the green tea kind.


The most important question now is, is that mochi for Mochi?  And if it isn’t for me, then what do I get to eat while you get to eat mochi?!  Maybe a bone, what do you think?  Woof!