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Another thing I helped do over the holidays was baking!  Well, Mommy did most of the baking, I just helped with the clean up, particularly after making the peanut butter and jelly muffins.

Aww yeah that was such tasty hard work.  Anything else I can help clean peanut butter off of?  Woof!


I’ve had a busy few days!  Here’s what I’ve done:

Help Daddy finish his grades.  Boy that wasn’t fun.

Beg shamelessly from Grandma and Grandpa.  I know you have more of those blueberries, apples, and carrots for me!!

Go to Paws N Claws to pick out my Christmas gift.  Awwww yeah, I got some treats from the sales ladies!

Convince Grandma to let me open my Christmas present early.  Yay for things to chew on!

Hope you have a good holiday, too!  Now back to more begging for yummy things to eat….Woof!


Sorry, I thought I heard my name while I was in my blankie.

Or maybe it was just my tummy talking.  How about a treat?  Woof!

Best way to sleep

Sometimes the best way to sleep is with your feet on the bed and your head near Daddy’s feet.

Well, Daddy’s feet would be there if he were home!  Come home soon, Daddy!  Woof!

2015 Mochi!

Hey Mommy, what are these?

Oh, they’re my 2015 Mochi Woof calendars, cool!  This means I’m a coverboy for two calendars in 2015 since I’m also on the Pacific Northwest Norwich Terrier Club calendar cover, too!

I’m so excited!  Woof!


Daddy, your belly is really comfy…

I think I could fall asleep right here and be happy!  Please don’t move anywhere.  Woof!