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Halloween for big dogs

This is how big dogs spend their Halloween.

Who needs a silly costume when you can relax in the comforts of your donut bed?  I wouldn’t mind a treat, though…Woof!

Let’s play!

Mommy, let’s play the where is Mochi game!  I’ll hide…and then shake my blankie off.

And here I am!!

That was fun, let’s do it again!  Woof!

Glamor shot

Black and white glamor shot of yours truly!

Now how about something to chew on while we watch the baseball game, Daddy?  Woof!


It’s the World Series!  Daddy says I need to root for the Giants!

Mommy says I need an A’s hat, particularly since green looks good on me.  I’m not really sure what the difference is, but as long as Daddy’s giving me love, attention, and some numnums, I’m good to go!  Woof!

What are you looking at?

Hey, what are you looking at?

Haven’t you ever seen a dog wearing his blankie on his head?  Okay, Daddy take this off me please.  Woof!


Hi!  How are you today?  I’m having lots of fun looking cute and getting spoiled!

Yup, just another day being me.  How about something to chew on now, please?  Or numnums?  Woof!

Please don’t bother me

I’m sleeping right now, please don’t bother me.

I’ll be ready for love, food, and fun after I recharge my batteries!  Woof!

Recycling with play!

C’mon Daddy, let’s play!!  I wanna have fun with that brussels sprout stock!

First we play tug…

Then we run around!!


Okay, I’m tired, you can have it back now.

What do you mean you threw it away?!  I’m gonna get you!!

What’s that Mommy?

It was time for the stalk to go away?  Oh okay…I hope I get to play with the next one, too!  Woof!



Can I sit with you?

You’re up on the futon, can I sit with you?  That dessert you got from the freezer that you’re eating smells really good, Mommy…

Please notice me, Daddy, I really want to sit with you and Mommy!

Please, please, please?  Woof!