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Woohoo, it’s recycling time!

Ohhh yeah!

Whew, recycling is hard work.  Time for a break…and maybe a treat?  Woof!

A trip to the store

Yesterday, I got to go to the pet store!  I was very excited…until some lady gave me an internasal vaccination, yuck!  To make up for that, Mommy and Daddy bought me an alligator-shaped dental treat.  I was so happy!

I saved my treat until I got home, which meant I had to carry it back to my special spot!  By the way, did you know I can bark while holding this in my mouth?

Oh boy, it was good.  Let’s go again soon, Daddy!  Woof!

Tasty morsels

What’s that I see hiding over there?!

Mmmmm broccoli!  Hurray!  I love when Mommy makes broccoli for me!!  Now how about some kale sticks to go with it?  Woof!

Sleeping with style

Sometimes I like to sleep like this:

Yup, that’s right, it’s one super comfortable position to catch some zzz’s.  Time to dream about playing with my friends!  Woof!


I’m waiting…for what you ask?  Numnums of course!

Mommy said it’s another few minutes.  I’m hoping that will come faster by being extra cute!  Woof!

Sleepy time

I had a really busy weekend hanging out with my human cousins so now it’s sleepy time!

Please don’t bother me right now!  Woof!

Kale sticks

Mmmmm, I like kale.  I like it so much that I like the stems too!  I love it when Mommy makes juices with kale because then I get some tasty morsels.

Mmmm, crunchy!

Aww, is it all gone already?

Can I have another please?  Woof!

Are they ready yet?

Hey Grandma, are my carrots ready yet?

No?!  Can we make them grow faster if I smile at them?  Woof!

Plum crumble

Mommy made a plum crumble.

Wow it smelled soooo good!

Can I have some now?  Woof!