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Walkies today was so good!!  I walked with Mommy and Daddy down to the grocery store so Mommy could pick up a few things.  On the way I got to see my girlfriends Lucy and Daisy, who were as happy to see me as I was to see them, and I also got to see my friends Jackson and Annelise!  Jackson was more interested in getting Mommy to give him a bellyrub, but that’s okay.  With such good walkies, I can’t help but smile.

I hope walkies tomorrow is just as fun!  Woof!

Carrots of my very own

Grandma and Grandpa are growing me carrots!

They don’t look like much now, but soon enough they will be yummy carrots in my tummy!

If I watch them, do you think they will grow faster?  I’m hungry!  Woof!

Family day!

Yesterday I had a lot of fun at the family picnic.  I got to meet some new friends, get adored by a lot of people, smell yummy food, and play with some kids.  I also did some really hardcore squirrel hunting with Daddy.  I got super close, but didn’t quite catch one.  It was a lot of fun.

I even got a dental bone from one of my aunties!  Yay!!

Can’t wait for next year!  Woof!


For Mommy’s birthday today, I got to go to daycare.  Yup, lucky me!  I spent the whole day playing with friends, and now I am tired, whew.

I almost fell asleep on the car ride home!!  What’s that?  It’s time for numnums?  Okay, I’m awake now!  Woof!

Puppy flashback day!

Wanna know what I looked like 4 years ago?

Yup, that’s puppy me.  I still look super cute like that, don’t I?  Woof!

Today was a Mochi-Daddy day, just like old times when I was a puppy.  We went for a drive and went to visit different pet stores.  Daddy bought me some more kibble, some freeze dried raw duck food, and, most importantly, some elk jerky!  Mmmm mmmm good!  While we were out, I also made some new friends, including the nice woman behind the counter.  She saw how cute I was and gave me a treat!  To end the day, I’m having some laptime with Daddy.

Ahhh, life is good.  Woof!

Finals? What are those?

Mommy says Daddy is out giving final exams.  I’m not quite sure what they are, but Daddy’s not home and it’s numnums time, so they can’t possibly be good.  Maybe if I wait patiently at the door, he will come home sooner.


Come home soon, Daddy!  I miss you!  Woof!

Bath day :(

I had bath day.  Even my super cute looks didn’t deter Mommy and Daddy from throwing me into the bath.


Help me!

Drat.  At least this won’t happen again until next month!


Hi everyone!  It’s me!

I just wanted to wish you good day!  *slobberkisses* Woof!

My treasure!

A few weeks ago, I got to hang out with Lucille and Boudreaux, my BFFs, and while I was there I played with some of their stuff.  Lucille let me take home one of her chewies and now it is my favorite treasure!

I like chewing on it sometimes, but a lot of times I’ll just guard it.  Daddy says it has been working wonders on my tartar buildup, so I guess it’s a win-win situation!  Thanks again Lucille for letting me have it!  Woof!