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The mechashark at the Giant Robot store is pretty cool.

It tried to eat me because it was so hungry…much like I am hungry!  Is it numnums time yet?  Woof!


I miss running into Lola with her Mommy and Daddy on walkies!

Maybe we will meet at the park sometime and share kisses.

Let’s play again soon, Lola!  Woof!

Yesterday was Mommy’s birthday.  I wanted to help celebrate by partaking in her cake.

Unfortunately for me, she said no.  She did, however, let me celebrate with a dried sweet potato treat!  That was pretty tasty, too, but I really, really wanted that cake!  Woof!

New home?

Daddy says we’re moving to a new home.  I got to check it out!

Well, I guess it’s okay since I do love rolling on the carpet.  Where are you going to put my food bowl?  Woof!

Celebrating graduates!

Today, I am celebrating graduates!

I may not be able to go to graduation, but I’m with you all in spirit and cuteness!  Congrats!  Woof!

Capture this!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you think this one is saying?

Yeah, I would go for either “I am cute, feed me,” “I love my donut bed,” or “Please don’t bother me right now because I’m trying to sleep,” too!  Woof!

Secret sleeping spot

I’m not supposed to be sleeping here, but I’m doing it secretly anyway.

No way, Daddy, I’m not sleeping on your carpet!  Not me!  It must be some other Mochi!  Woof!

Good week!

I had a really good and busy week!  I got to see Aunty Tracy, yay!

That pizza is for me, right?  It was so much fun, especially the carrots Aunty Dimpal cut just for me.  I also made a new girlfriend at the party!  Her name is Nena.

She’s a puppy but thinks I’m awesome because we’re both terriers, even if I stole her toy for the night.

I also hung out with Uncle Law cuz Mommy and Daddy were busy at work!!  Yay, I love Uncle Law!

We always do fun things together like eat treats, sit on the couch, and take naps.  Well, maybe that’s what I get to do!

I hope next week is just as fun!  Woof!

Hanging out with Uncle Law and Aunty Dimpal yesterday really made me tired–so tired, that I need to rest a lot today!

Must have been all those treats they snuck me when Mommy and Daddy weren’t looking!  Let’s hang out again soon!  Woof!