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Mochi meets mochi

So, I am told that this is mochi and what I’m named after.  I don’t know why, I don’t have any resemblance to it and I’m definitely not green….

Supposedly it’s super tasty, or at least that’s what it seems when my mommy and daddy eat it.  It smelled good when my daddy let me sniff it…but he didn’t let me try it too, even when I gave him sad puppy eyes.  Oh well, I am definitely way cuter than that Mochi!  Who can argue otherwise with this face?


Rainy days

What, it’s raining again?!  Well, if it must, this is how I’d prefer to spend my rainy day.

Not bad, huh?  Now that I’ve shared this with you, I think I’ll take another nap.



So it’s officially been spring for a few days now, but it’s not that easy to tell living in LA.  I miss all of the bulbs coming up when we lived in Ithaca, they are so pretty.

Happy spring!  Let’s just hope there aren’t too many April showers now…Woof!

A very special day

What’s that you say?

It’s Grandpa’s birthday?!  Happy, happy birthday Grandpa!

Now let’s go to the backyard and chase squirrels, please!  *lickkisses*


Hi everyone.  Today I have a confession to make.  Are you ready for it?

I am terrified of garbage trucks.  I kid you not.  Absolutely terrified.  I encountered two this morning on my walk, and tried running away as far as I could–while still on my leash.  What’s up with those robotic arms anyway?  It’s unnatural, unnatural I say!

Rain and I are not friends

It rained over the weekend–so much for it being always super sunny LA.   This is what I looked like after going outside only for a few minutes.


I really hate getting wet 😦  It is not good for my hairdo.


Cuteness and sleep

I don’t know if you realize this, but being me is very tiring.  It takes a lot of energy to be cute all the time!

It’s no wonder that I need to sleep all night and then sleep away a lot of the day…


Spring is in the air!

Spring seems like it is all around lately!  The flowers are all pretty on the trees and in the ground.  It makes me think about how beautiful Spring was in Ithaca last year, and all those great photos my mommy took of me there…

I especially loved this huge magnolia tree, it was totally bark-taking!  Isn’t it pretty?!

Above all, Spring sure makes me glad that things don’t look like this anymore!

…though admittedly, snow was awfully tasty…  What does your Spring look like so far?  Woof!


P.S. Happy birthday cousin Genevieve!  *lickkisses*

Cuteness personified

I am cuteness personified!


Happy Friday everyone, woof!

Blue puffy toy!

I have this puffy toy, it’s light blue with these fun strings coming out of it, and it has a head and legs and stuff.  It’s really fun to hold in my mouth and run around with–it just feels so good in my mouth!  It’s a special toy, too, because my cousins picked it out just for me ❤

This is one of my favorite play positions when I’m having fun with my toys.  My mommy and daddy say that I’m doing my “cat thing” when I’m on my back like this…but it’s so much fun and sometimes I get a belly rub at the same time!

Whew, all that playing makes me tired.  Better lay down and rest a bit!  Until next time!