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Life at home

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently, Mommy says she’s been too busy to help me–something about needing to do a lot of work to move her class online or something like that.  I’ve noticed that Mommy and Daddy have been home a lot (yay!), but they’ve been talking to their computers instead of spending time with me (boo!).  Sigh.


If you are at home, shouldn’t you play with me and give me lots of treats instead?  Since you aren’t going out lately, I think you still owe me those treats you usually give me when you go out.  You agree with me, don’t you, loyal Mochi fans?  Woof!


Daddy bought some LED lights for my harness so everyone can see me at night.  I’m not really sure about them, though.

What do you think?  Do you think my bling is cool?  I’m hoping that it might snag me some extra treats, woof!