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Cuteness overload

Mommy often asks me, “Mochi, why are you so cute?”


The answer to that question would be, “Because I’m Mochi!”  Woof!


Walkies with Mommy and Daddy is always fun!

It’s even more fun when I run into my friends!  This is Cooper.

Cooper seems to shy away from me a lot.  C’mon Cooper, let’s play!  I’ll show you how to terrier hug.  Woof!

Lu & Bou

Oh boy, I got to see my BFFs over the weekend!

Lucille is super cute, isn’t she?

Boudreaux wouldn’t let Mommy take his photo–probably because I was too busy trying to play with him.  Anyway, seeing them made me a very happy Mochi!

Can we go play again soon, please, please, please?  Woof!

Let’s go!

Car ride time!

Can we go yet?  I’m waiting!!  Where are we going?  Somewhere fun, right?  I can’t wait!  Woof!

So you know those super cute photos I posted last time?  Here’s all the other things you didn’t see in that post!

Can I eat that?

What are you doing, Daddy?

Yes, I look super cute with the blossom on my head.  Now, can I eat that?  Woof!

The cherry blossoms are blooming!

I know how to appreciate how pretty Spring is when I go on my walkies.

And now that I have appreciated Spring, let’s see if it tastes any good.

The answer is yes.  Woof!