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Mommy and Daddy are so boring when they’re busy working and not playing with me or taking me somewhere fun.

Anyone want to come play with me?  Please?  Woof!


My friend, Snow, moved away today.  He lived in one of the apartments upstairs.  We liked to run in the hallways together sometime, but now he’s gone.  I’m sad, please leave me alone 😦

Goodbye Snow!

Snuggle time!

I ate my dinner and made my bed, so now it’s snuggle time!

Please don’t bother me now…unless you’re going to give me dessert?!  Woof!

Prince Charming

Valentine’s Day may be over, but I still can be your Prince Charming!



I love shopping trips with Mommy and Daddy!  They’re always so much fun and I usually get to meet some new people who adore my cuteness, see new and neat things, and I usually get something tasty to eat from those delightful people behind the counter!

Oh Daddy, please say we can adopt one!  I promise to take care of it!  No?  Well, okay…

Oh boy, is that all for me?!  Thank you!  Can I have some now please?  Woof!


Marrow bone for Mochi!

Today was a rough day.  I had my nails cut and then I got stripped some, which is never any fun!  Thankfully my reward was a good one: a marrow bone!  Hurray!

Gotta make sure I get everything from all angles!

Okay, I ate all of the marrow out of this one.  Can I have another please?  Woof!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be sure to give kisses to all my loved ones.  Here I am, coming in for the kill!

*slobberkisses*  I love you!  Woof!


I’m guarding the apartment from the comfort of my bed.

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it!  Woof!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy year of the snake everyone!  I’m celebrating by eating some yummy canned pumpkin, how about you?

Mmm, mmmm goooood!  I licked the spoon clean!  Woof!

Tucked in

It’s cold out, so I’ve tucked myself in with my blankie.

Nice and cozy now!  Don’t bother me until it’s time to eat, okay?  Woof!