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Squirrel Hunt

Today when I was on walkies, I found a squirrel!  It was busy eating something in a low tree, so I was determined to try to hunt it.

Unfortunately, I could not catch it before Mommy and Daddy said we had to go.  I just know that if I waited a bit longer, I would have had it!  Woof!

Say what?

Did you say something?  I swear I heard the word “walkies,” “go,” or “treat.”

No?  Well, let’s keep playing then!  Woof!


Yay, let’s play with my squeaky snake!

It’s so much fun!

Okay, I’m ready for something else now.  Walkies perhaps and then numnums?  Woof!


Daddy has been stripping me to my undies.  While I don’t like it, less fur does make me cooler and Mommy says I look adorably cute like puppy Mochi again.

Aw yeah, it’s the puppy Mochi charm!  Now, how about a treat for putting up with stripping?  Woof!

Good day turned bad!!

I was having a good day, catching up on my rest and enjoying my bed until this happened:

Seriously not pleased, Daddy!  Why are you doing this to me?!

Help me!  Woof!

Tuckered out!

This is what happens when I get home after a few days at the Wags Club when Mommy and Daddy are away:

Unless you have numnums, I have nothing to say to you until I recharge my doggy batteries!  Woof!


Excuse me, but did someone say daycare?

Aww yeah, let’s go!!  Woof!