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Let sleeping dogs lie

I’m tired, please let sleeping dogs lie.

We can talk tomorrow when I’m rested.  Woof!

I demand your attention!

Hey Daddy, I demand your attention, right now!

Please play with me, love me, and give me a treat?  Woof!

Let’s play Zombie!

Daddy, let’s play with Zombie, please!

Please, please, please, pretty please?

Nevermind, your zombie noises scare me.

I’ve had enough now.  How about something to eat now?  Woof!


It is finally Spring according to the calendar, but the flowers have said otherwise for a while!

Mochi in a field of wild snapdragons, what more could you ask for?  Woof!


Grandma, I want to help celebrate Grandpa’s birthday, too.

Please can I also have a piece of that fruit tart?  I love blueberries!  Woof!

A zombie for Mochi

Look what came in the mail today for me!

My very own zombie!

I was so excited, I wanted to play right away!

I’m gonna get you Zombie!

Wait, did you say walkies?  Sorry Zombie, we’ll have to play later, I have other things to do now!  Woof!

Hmm…what is this?  Is there something in here?

Maybe if I just peek a bit further…

Nothing there!  Just a bunch of plants, that’s no fun!  Woof!