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BSweet Pupcakes

Over the weekend, Mommy and Daddy got some bread pudding and pupcakes for me!  They have some of my favorite things in them, including peanut butter and carrots!

They put two in the freezer and left two for me to eat.  I really wanted one badly.

I turned on my super big and cute puppy eyes to maximum power.

Daddy made me do a few tricks before I could have it.

And then I took matters into my own paws…I mean, mouth.

Before I knew it, it was all gone!!!

The second one is still in the refrigerator, what do you say about letting me eat that one too?  Woof!

Icky bath day

I heard Mommy and Daddy say earlier that I stink, but I didn’t think it was going to be bath day yet!  I was wrong.

At least after this I will get my marrow bone!  Any way we could just go directly to the bone?  Woof!

Whatcha up to?

Hi, Mommy, whatcha up to?

If I look cute enough, will you give me some numnums now?  Please?  Woof!

Nope, not happening

Nope, I will not look at the camera today.

We can talk if you have something yummy for me to eat, but until then, no way!  Woof!

Mochi cuteness

A dose of Mochi cuteness for your day!


Mr. Moose and Mochi

C’mon Mr. Moose, let’s go for a ride!

Don’t fall off now!  Woof!

Boba time!

It’s been a long, warm week, so Mommy says that means it’s boba time!

It smelled so good, but Mommy wouldn’t let me have some.  At least I got to see Aunty Tracy and go on walkies with her too!  That makes my day!  Woof!

Happy Autumn Moon Festival!

Happy Autumn Moon Festival!  Over the weekend, I celebrated the moon festival with family at my SoCal Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I love going there because I always know I’ll get good things to eat.  In fact, between Grandma, Grandpa, my uncles, aunty, and cousins, I managed to use my cute puppy dog eyes and tricks to earn a whole carrot (cut in bits, of course), and most of a banana.  Mommy let me eat a piece of watermelon rind, too–my first time!  It was so good.  All in all, I had such a good time, that I looked like this:

I was less happy later, though…I think I ate too much for my little Norwich tummy!  I had to sleep it off a bit before I was ready to play again.  Can we have some more good things to eat later?  Woof!

Bubble bath

Today was a pretty good day…until I started hearing the “b” word getting thrown around.  I definitely knew something was up when I heard the water in the bathtub going.  I tried to look small and cute to get Mommy and Daddy to change their minds…

I turned up the super sad puppy dog eyes…

But it didn’t work!!!  Daddy gave me a bubble hat.

Mommy thought that was cute, so Daddy gave me bubble mutton chops, too…

Can we just finish up this bath so I can get to my post-bath marrow bone yet?  Woof!


I like playing with Tillman.

Well, maybe I have more fun playing with him than he does with me since I end up biting his head and face.  Sorry buddy!  Woof!