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Today on my afternoon walk, I ran into my LA girlfriend, Lola.  She’s a cutie.  We played, shared some kisses, played some more, and then I played it cool.


I hope I get to run into her again sometime soon!  Woof!

I had an encounter with my nemesis, the garbage truck.

I knew my mommy was filming me with her iPhone, though, so I played it cool.  I’m a brave boy, I am!  I must say, though, the arms on those things are most unnatural!

Weekend fun!

Wow, what a busy and fun weekend I’ve had!  I went on a road trip with my mommy and daddy up to visit my Northern California grandparents, which meant I also got to see my BFFs!  Once I realized where we were going, I got really, really, really excited.


I did so much fun stuff.  I got to go squirrel hunting with my grandpa…


…I got to meet a pony…


…I hang out with Daddy…

…and play with my BFFs of course!


Whatcha got there Lucille?!  An orange peel?  Is it tasty?

That was a lot of fun.

I hope next weekend is just as fun, too!  Woof!



In honor of my mommy’s birthday today, I am going to demonstrate the proper way to unwrap something.  First, someone has to hide the treat and wrap it up for me.  I like it when they hide small treats like this pumpkin and pecan treat.  Yum.

And then, once it’s hidden (in my beehive with a bunch of toys, then wrapped up in a towel!), then the fun begins!

And last but not least, kisses for Mommy…by the way, can you feed me dinner now?  Woof!

Funny sleepy faces

Mommy, please don’t bother me when I’m trying to sleep.

If you’re done now, I’ll go back to sleep, thank you.


P.S. I’m feeling less grumpy today, thank you!  Must have been all those carrots my grandma gave me over the weekend…


I’M GRUMPY TODAY!  DON’T BOTHER ME!  😦  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

I got a treat to eat, a dental bone!  Yum!  I love to carry these around in my mouth and then eat them when I find the right spot.  Usually that right spot is on Daddy’s carpet by his desk.

Look at me go!  These bones are tough, I tell you–but they’re supposed to be good for knocking the nasty stuff off my teeth called plaque.

It sure takes a lot of work and a bit of skill to eat these bones.  See how well I hold it just right so I can eat it comfortably?

See, this is the proper way to hold the bone.  Pretty good technique, right?  Woof!

Some me cuteness

Just some me cuteness to brighten your day.  You always wanted to know what things look like from my perspective didn’t you?  Woof!

Today my mommy and daddy took me to the Santa Monica dog park.  First we had to go and buy me a non-SM resident license so I can go play with the other dogs…then we went to go play!  I made some new friends.

And we ran around to play!

This guy didn’t run around much but he wanted to play with tug with humans!

Best thing of all?  I learned how to drink out of a drinking fountain.

Although this was a special doggy drinking fountain, I don’t really like the water spraying out like that.  It was a lot of fun, I hope we can go back soon!  Woof!

I may not be able to speak, but I am still very expressive–just ask anyone who has spent time with me!  Yes, I do the tail wagging thing, but I generally show my emotions through my ears and, of course, my eyes.  You’ve seen some of my big puppy dog eye looks, but here’s what I look like when I’m a bit sleepy but still looking at you adoringly.


Cute, right?  I bet you couldn’t say no to me now!  Woof!