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Fleece snuggles

If you have been wondering what I have been up to over the past few weeks, it has involved a lot of snuggling with fleece.  Grandma recently made me more blankies and Mommy and Daddy finally figured out how much I love my fleece blankets and snuggling with them when it is cold.  Here are a few shots:






Now, if only there were some treats involved as well, I would be living the dream!  Woof!

Cousin Perry

I have a new puppy cousin.  His name is Perry.  He is a Shih-tzu/Chihuahua mix and very small.  And very much a puppy.  With a lot of energy.  I met him for the first time right before Christmas.



Mommy, what is this fuzzy thing?!


The first time we met, I made sure to let him know not to be too crazy around me and then we were okay–especially after I stole the treat he hid in his carrier.


Thanks Uncle Chris for this photo…and for giving me a ton of treats for being the bestest boy.  I am the bestest of boys, right?  Woof!

I’m 10 today!

Today is my 10th birthday, can you believe it?  I’m double digits now!  To celebrate, Daddy took me to one of my favorite local pet stores, My Pet Naturally, to pick out a pupcake.  Oh boy, oh boy, it was so exciting to go to the pet store!

We got a peanut butter, carob, and yogurt pupcake.




It was so yummy, even if Mommy only let me eat half.




Yummy!  That was the best birthday pupcake since last year.  I can’t wait to eat the other half of my pupcake.  Maybe tomorrow we can celebrate 10 years and one day?  Woof!