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National Dog Day!

Did you know that it is National Dog Day?


That’s right, a day to celebrate me!!!  What are we doing to celebrate?  Does it involve something tasty to eat?  Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait!  Woof!


Daddy bought me a new type of chaw for my post-dinner snack that is supposed to be like rawhide but isn’t rawhide.  Doesn’t matter to me since it was tasty.


Since it’s good for me to chew and knock the plaque off of my teeth, I can have another one, right?  Woof!

So bored.

Oh my gosh, I am sooooooooo bored.


Daddy, please say we can go do something fun now, like take a walk, play with Jimi, or eat a snack?  Please?  Woof!

Nap time

It’s warm out.  I’m sleepy, so I’m going to take a nap.


Let’s go on walkies in a few hours when it is cooler out.  I’ll be ready then!  Woof!

Multicolored carrots

Today I’ve been thinking about the time when Grandpa bought me carrots.


They were tasty.


Yummy!  Can I have another just like those?  That purple carrot was so good!  Woof!


Farmer’s market days.  I love farmer’s market days.


Those blueberries are all for me, right?  Okay, fine I’ll share with you but they’re mostly for me, right?  Woof!