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Best walkies!

I had the best walkies ever today!  I ran into a bunch of my friends: Hera, Cricket, Jade, Happy and Goose.  We got to walk around the neighborhood together.




I love being with my pack, it’s so much better than walkies just with Mommy or Daddy.  I hope I run into them again soon, woof!



Today on my morning walkies, I met another Norwich named Ginger!  I don’t run into many Norwich Terriers, so this meeting was extra special.


She’s just visiting, unfortunately, otherwise I think I could have made a new Norwich friend.  She scared me a bit with her growling, but I know she would have warmed up to me over time.  Hopefully Ginger will come back and visit soon, woof!


Oh boy, today was so much fun.  I got to see Aunty Tracy and Cousin Iko in the park!  First, I said hi.


Then Cousin Iko and I played.


Then I tried to eat his snacks.


Then Cousin Iko decided to try to pet me.


And then Cousin Iko gave me a leaf to eat.  I don’t understand why Daddy wasn’t pleased about that.

All in all, I had a lot of fun.  Let’s hang out again soon!  Woof!


It’s a beautiful afternoon for walkies, let’s go!


Do you think we will run into some of my friends?  I hope so, I’m ready to play!  Woof!

Baby Iko

A few weeks ago, I met baby Iko.  I wasn’t really sure what to make of him, I never had seen a human so young.  First we checked each other out.


And then we sealed our friendship with a kiss.


I think we’re gonna be good friends.  I can’t wait to teach him about how to be a good boy!  Woof!


I miss running into Lola with her Mommy and Daddy on walkies!

Maybe we will meet at the park sometime and share kisses.

Let’s play again soon, Lola!  Woof!

Good week!

I had a really good and busy week!  I got to see Aunty Tracy, yay!

That pizza is for me, right?  It was so much fun, especially the carrots Aunty Dimpal cut just for me.  I also made a new girlfriend at the party!  Her name is Nena.

She’s a puppy but thinks I’m awesome because we’re both terriers, even if I stole her toy for the night.

I also hung out with Uncle Law cuz Mommy and Daddy were busy at work!!  Yay, I love Uncle Law!

We always do fun things together like eat treats, sit on the couch, and take naps.  Well, maybe that’s what I get to do!

I hope next week is just as fun!  Woof!

Jackson and Annelise are two of my other friends who I see on walkies sometimes.

This is Jackson.  He’s got big soulful eyes, a big dog voice, and a body like a tank.

We’re homies who share a love for food and using our big dog voices outside.

This is Annelise, Jackson’s sister.  She doesn’t like me so much.  Daddy says she is aloof.  I’m not really sure what that means.

Jackson photobombed Annelise’s first shot, so Mommy had to take another.  Anything in pursuit of that yummy smelling dried fish in Mommy’s pocket!  I feel ya, Jackson!  Now, how about a treat?  Woof!


Walkies with Mommy and Daddy is always fun!

It’s even more fun when I run into my friends!  This is Cooper.

Cooper seems to shy away from me a lot.  C’mon Cooper, let’s play!  I’ll show you how to terrier hug.  Woof!

Lu & Bou

Oh boy, I got to see my BFFs over the weekend!

Lucille is super cute, isn’t she?

Boudreaux wouldn’t let Mommy take his photo–probably because I was too busy trying to play with him.  Anyway, seeing them made me a very happy Mochi!

Can we go play again soon, please, please, please?  Woof!