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Sleepy and unamused

Last night, Mommy wanted me to get up so I could get ready for bed–you know, last potty break, brush my fur and brush my teeth–but I was so sleepy, I really didn’t want to move.  She tried a bunch of different things to get me to get up, but I was really sleepy and pretty unamused.

Sometimes when she or Daddy say “squirrel!” I get up with excitement, but I’m not a puppy anymore and I know their tricks.  Or at least I remembered last night.  Pull out something tasty to eat, however, and then we can talk.  What do you say?  Woof!



It’s playtime!!  I love my squirrel, thanks Aunty Alina and Aunty Kathy!

Let’s play!!  Woof!

Pupcake for Mochi!

I got a pupcake today from my Aunty Alina and it wasn’t even my birthday!!!  I’m such a lucky pup.



Of course Mommy and Daddy made me take a photo with it first.  So mean, I tell you, so mean.


Once Mommy got enough photos, it was finally time to eat!!


Nom nom nom!  Thanks for the pupcake!  Woof!


I’m 7 today!

It’s my seventh birthday!  To celebrate, Daddy bought me a peanut butter and carob pupcake, hurray!


I love pupcakes, they’re so tasty!


I ate it all!  Well, the half that Mommy said I could eat.

Every single last crumb was mine.

What do you mean that’s all?

It’s my birthday, can’t I eat the other half?  You only turn seven once!  Woof!

Evil bath

My day was going well…until this happened.

Nooo, the dreaded bath!!!  At least after my bath I got a marrow bone, but I’m still unhappy about it.  I hate being wet!!

Can we please not do that again anytime soon?  Woof!



I’ve been squirrel hunting a lot lately.  This scrawny juvenile squirrel keeps hanging out on my balcony.

One day, I will get you squirrel.  Until then, I will be waiting.  Woof!

Lure toy!

Oh boy oh boy, Aunty Debbie gave me a new lure toy!

Daddy and I love playing with it together.

Oops, I exhausted Daddy running around!

Guess you can just lay on the floor there while I use your belly to chew on my toy some more!  Thanks Aunty Debbie!  Woof!

Eating a rainbow

Grandma says it is important to eat a rainbow.

I got so excited when it was ready!

It was so good!!

Well, the spinach wasn’t as tasty as everything else.  I did eventually eat it…

Grandma says eating a rainbow is healthy, but I think it is yummy.  Let’s eat a rainbow again soon!  Woof!


I’m a pro at going up the stairs now!

Well, mostly anyway.  Woof!

Lost and found

While on walkies with Daddy today, we found someone’s lost toy!  I couldn’t just leave it there, so I adopted it and carried it all the way home.

Then I played with it!

I had so much fun playing with it and was really working at chewing one side, but then I got distracted and it disappeared!  Daddy had it last, I wonder what happened to it, I want to tear off more of the tennis ball outside!  Woof!