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In honor of Tillman

Mommy says Tillman crossed the rainbow bridge.  While I never knew the real Tillman, my toy Tillman and I have spent plenty of time playing together so this news makes me a little sad.

Toy Tillman and I will have to romp in honor of Tillman.  Eat all the treats on the other side of the rainbow bridge, Tillman!  Woof!

Evil bath

My day was going well…until this happened.

Nooo, the dreaded bath!!!  At least after my bath I got a marrow bone, but I’m still unhappy about it.  I hate being wet!!

Can we please not do that again anytime soon?  Woof!



I’ve been squirrel hunting a lot lately.  This scrawny juvenile squirrel keeps hanging out on my balcony.

One day, I will get you squirrel.  Until then, I will be waiting.  Woof!


We’re on walkies!  Where are we going today?

The park you say?!  Oh boy, I can’t wait!  Woof!


I just went on awesome walkies, I’m happy!

Know what would make me even happier?  How about some numnums now?  My tummy says it’s time!  Woof!

Monkey nap time

I brought my Monkey upstairs with me while playing with Daddy.  It ended up being a great idea because I was able to cuddle with it and take a nap later.

Monkey, you make a nice pillow on top of my bed!  Woof!

Hot dog

I’m one hot dog.

Daddy, can you please go to that white box on the wall that makes things cooler?  Thanks!  Woof!

Whatcha doing?

Hi there, whatcha doing?

If you’re not busy, I think it’s time for numnums.  I’d like that very much right now, please!  Woof!


A squirrel, a squirrel, I saw it!

Let’s go on the patio and catch it now, please!  Woof!