Category: Stripped


Yesterday was a really stressful day for me because Daddy took me to the groomer.  Everyone says I look super cute now, but I don’t see what was wrong with my old fluffy look.


This is what I look like now:


Yes, a lot less fur after being stripped and taking a bath.  The groomer even gave me this kerchief, which Mommy seems to think is absolutely adorable.  I bet she’s going to make me wear it a lot now.  I’m just waiting for my marrow bone as a reward for being a good boy.  Now is a good time for that, right?  Woof!



Mommy got tired of me looking like a “shaggy beast” so she and Daddy stripped me.


She says I look super cute like a puppy again.  Unless that translates into treats, I don’t think having to go through all that stripping was worth it.  Wait, is that a tendon you’re pulling out for me?  Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all!  Woof!