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The paw

Sometimes when I’m warm, I don’t tuck my feet in when I sleep to keep them cool.

It may look awkward, but it is a very comfortable way of sleeping!  Woof!


I had a busy day at work!  First I did some studying with Daddy (while looking cute)…

Then I hunted squirrels!

All in all, it was a good day.

I was definitely ready to head home for some well-deserved numnums!

Let’s go to work together again soon!  Woof!


Whew, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.  I have been very busy hanging out at daycare with a neverending playdate while my Mommy and Daddy were at a conference.  While I missed them, I got to hang out with a lot of friends and it was a lot of fun.  Now that I’m back at home, though, I am exhausted.  Time to catch up on my sleep.

Of course, if you’re ready to give me dinner, I’ll definitely be awake in a jiffy!  Is it that time yet?  Woof!


It’s been warm here and my fur has been growing, so Daddy decided I needed some stripping.

I hate being stripped.

Please help me!  Woof!

Working hard!

I’ve been busy working hard!  I go with Mommy and Daddy to campus when they have to work and whew, is it a busy day for me!  First, we take a car ride…

…then I have to chase the squirrels on the quad…

…and after that, I have to climb up 3 flights of stairs to protect Daddy’s office!

Talk about a busy day!  By the time I get home, I just want to eat my numnums and sleep.  Woof!

Don’t bother me.

Please don’t bother me right now, I’m trying to sleep.

If you need something, I’ll get back to you tomorrow.  Woof!

Just another day…

Just another day being me: morning walkies, numnums, sleep, laptime with Daddy…

After this maybe some playing a bit, more sleep, afternoon walkies, more numnums, more sleep and maybe more laptime with Daddy…oh and did I mention sleep?  Life is good!  Woof!

The stare

What are you looking at?  Haven’t you ever seen a dog in his bed before?

Ah, well, I think I’ll go back to sleep then.  Wake me when it’s time for numnums.  Woof!

Bath day

I had a bath today.  I’d really rather not talk about it.

Thank goodness I won’t have to take another for a whole month!  Woof!