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Oh man, I had the best walkies this afternoon with Mommy.  I got to see my friends Lucy and Daisy down the street and play with them some in their yard.  They were so excited to see me when they saw I was coming…and I was so ready to play with them too!  After playing some, we continued on our walkies and then I ran into Lola with her parents!  We played, shared some kisses, and then like the gentle-dog I am, I walked her home.  Such good walkies puts me in a great mood, I can’t help but smile!

Hope to play with you ladies again soon!  Woof!

Lazy Sunday

Time to spend a lazy Sunday…with Daddy!  Actually, we’re both hard at work.  Daddy’s doing something on his computer and me, well, I had to find this comfortable spot.

I tell you, it wasn’t easy to find it, but now that I did, I’m ready to relax!  Woof!

Spring <3

I like spring, there are lots of pretty flowers out that I get to see when I go on walkies.

Too bad all that pollen makes me and Daddy sneeze!  Oh well, at least my sneeze is super cute!  Woof!

Is Daddy home yet?

Daddy, how come you’re not home yet?  I’ve been waiting and waiting for you!

Please come home soon so we can play!  Woof!


Today was good walkies.  I got to meet two of my friends while walking and then got to play with two other friends, Lucy and Daisy, in their new front yard!  It was so much fun.  Lucy and Daisy were as excited to see me as I was to see them!

I hope the girls and I can play again together real soon!  Woof!


Look at that tasty morsel right in front of me.  But I have to wait for Mommy or Daddy to say it’s okay to eat it.

Sigh.  I bet it’s so tasty….


Hey, what’s this Mochi that Mommy saw in the store?

Hmmm, I don’t remember letting anyone use my name for snacks!

Although, if they let me eat some and they taste good, I don’t think I’d mind too much…and who could say no to this face?!  Woof!

Back to blogging!

Hi everyone!  Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.  As soon as Mommy and Daddy said I was going to be at daycare for a few days, I was so excited and ran off without looking back, or pausing my play to blog.  I had so much fun running around with my friends…so much fun, in fact, as soon as I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy had other plans for me.

Help me!

Hey, what are you looking at?!  I can feel you looking at me with my super Mochi-Norwich senses!

If you’re going to give me something yummy to eat, we can talk.  Otherwise, please come back later.  Woof!