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Guarding the fridge

The fridge is the best place in the house. All sorts of wonderful, yummy things come out of it! I take it upon myself to guard the fridge–plus then I can see whenever Mommy or Daddy go inside just in case there is something for Mochi.

I also let them know when I don’t think they’re feeding me soon enough.

Life is hard sometimes when you are me. Please feed me soon, woof!

Heat waves and hot dogs

It’s been soooo hot lately, I don’t like it.  All I want to do is lay on the floor and wait for Mommy or Daddy to turn on the magical box that blows cool air.


Until then, I’ll just lay and mope on the floor until one of them notices me.  It is a tried and true strategy in my house, woof!

Groomed and adorable

Mommy and Daddy sent me to the groomer this week.  It wasn’t fun having to take a bath or getting stripped, but I’m looking pretty good now.



Mommy keeps looking at me and telling me how cute I am.  I need to make sure I maximize my cute looks and big eyes to get all the treats I can.  You couldn’t say no to this face, right?  Woof!

Extra yummy noms

Oh boy, oh boy, today Mommy made me some of my favorite noms: rehydrated lamb Sojos!  I really, really hated waiting 15 minutes for them to hydrate, that wasn’t nice at all.  However, Mommy let me take a peek when they were done.


Can you see those delightful chunks of yumminess?  Oh boy, oh boy, I got so excited!

Half for tonight, half for breakfast tomorrow, I can’t wait!  I ate my dinner so fast, it was so good.  Now, how about some dessert to top off the meal?  Woof!

Pandemic life

Hi everyone, sorry I have been quiet.  Mommy and Daddy both got super busy with teaching and couldn’t help me with my blog.  Please do know that I’ve been doing okay and I hope you all have been okay, too.  I’m still getting lots of treats and cuddles, although I’m less happy about the fact that I don’t get to play with my friends or visit the pet store and it has been ages since I’ve seen Grandma and Grandpa and I miss them.  I’m also super fluffy right now because I haven’t been to the groomer in months.


I know I still look cute, but Mommy thinks that I need to get hand stripped soon.  What do you think?  I’m still totally adorable, right?  Woof!




Daddy made Me pancakes today for Mommy, I’m not really sure what these Me pancakes are about.  What is a Mochi pancake?  I guess it has something to do with this box that Mommy made me sit by.


Whatever a Mochi pancake is, Mommy and Daddy seemed to enjoy eating them–without me.  They didn’t share any with me so I can’t tell you whether it is true or not.  Maybe next time then?  Woof!

Mommy and Daddy have still been home with me a lot.  While I’m glad it means I have company, I am still missing out on those treats I used to get when I got left home alone.  In any case, I’m still spending a lot of time getting quality blanket cuddles and naps with my favorite bed and blankets!


Being cute is tiring, you know–so I need my naps!  Thanks again Grandma for the cute blanket to help me rest and restore my cute powers!  Woof!

Life at home

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently, Mommy says she’s been too busy to help me–something about needing to do a lot of work to move her class online or something like that.  I’ve noticed that Mommy and Daddy have been home a lot (yay!), but they’ve been talking to their computers instead of spending time with me (boo!).  Sigh.


If you are at home, shouldn’t you play with me and give me lots of treats instead?  Since you aren’t going out lately, I think you still owe me those treats you usually give me when you go out.  You agree with me, don’t you, loyal Mochi fans?  Woof!


Daddy bought some LED lights for my harness so everyone can see me at night.  I’m not really sure about them, though.

What do you think?  Do you think my bling is cool?  I’m hoping that it might snag me some extra treats, woof!


Mommy and Daddy have been making me exercise more.  After talking with Aunty Debbie, they decided that I need to do some core strengthening exercises for my old man muscles so they bought me a balance disc.


I’m getting the hang of putting my front paws on my disc, but it isn’t too fun.  I’m not exactly sure how it is helping, but I get some yummy venison jerky out of it when I do my exercises, so I’m not going to complain too much…well until Daddy doesn’t give me the jerky fast enough.  Can we skip the exercises and just go to the jerky, please?  Woof!