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Uh-oh, Daddy said the “b” word.  What’s the “b” word you say?  “Bath” of course…why is it that time of the month again already?!  Oh no!  *gives worried look*

Mommy, Mommy do I have to?  Please say I don’t have to!  *gives cute puppy eyes*

The cute eyes worked right?

Oh bugger.  Maybe next time…

Mochi meets mochi, round 2

My mommy and daddy seem to like that weird colored food they call Mochi.  This time, instead of green it was purple.


Looks good, doesn’t it?  Daddy said it had something called taro inside.  He let me sniff it, it smelled gooooood!


Too bad I didn’t get to eat it though.  Why won’t you share with me Daddy?!


This is my new favorite sleeping position.

Envious how comfortable I am, aren’t you?  I’m pretty creative!

Lazy, lounging day

Just another lazy, lounging day.

Sometimes, it’s really hard being me.

3 years and counting!

Three years ago at the beginning of April, I left Seattle and flew to my new home in Los Angeles.  Hard to believe I’ve been with my mommy and daddy for 3 years already!  Want to see what I looked like?!


In many ways, not much has changed–I’m still adorable and I have parents that love me!


*gives kisses*  Here’s to another Mochi-love-filled year!  Woof!

Daddy’s birthday!

Today is a very special day–it’s Daddy’s birthday!  In honor of his punk rock tendencies, I decided to try a different hairdo.


I can really rock the faux hawk, can’t I?  Gotta run, I need to give more lickkisses to my daddy!  Woof!



Eye on you…

I’ve got my eye on you…this is my toy!

Oh, you just want to play with me?  Okay, let’s go!  Woof woof!


Today was a good day.  Actually, it was a really good day.  My grandma and grandpa are visiting me this week and they wanted to go to the zoo so that meant I got to go to….DAYCARE!  I used to get to go to daycare every week but since we moved to LA I haven’t gotten to go, it’s no fun.  Anyway I got to meet lots of new friends and run around all day, it was good fun.  I haven’t been to Furry Tales Doggy Daycare in quite some time, but they remembered me–it must be my epic cuteness levels.

Whew, after all of that running around, now I’m super tired.  Better go rest!  Woof!

Mochi in a box

Ever wonder what it might look like if I mailed myself to you?  Well, you don’t have to imagine it any longer…

You would feed me as soon as arrived, wouldn’t you?  Woof!

It hasn’t been a good weekend for me, not one bit.  Why is that, you ask?  Well, I’ll show you!

It started off well, I was a happy dog, as usual…


And then it quickly turned into this:

Yup, that’s me, in the bathtub after I had a bath.  Why did I need a bath?  I swear I wasn’t dirty!

Let me show you how I felt about it:

Yup, that’s right–pissed off!


I thought today would be a better day, especially since it started off well.  We took a car ride and ended up at the pet store!  I got to meet some new friends.

But then what happens?!  I met some woman wearing a lot of blue and she gave me a shot!  That’s not fair!  I hope tomorrow is a much better day.