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Help me!

Today was going fine until I started hearing a certain “b” word being thrown around and I started reading the signs–it was bath day, oh no!

With your help, I think I can get out of here, what do you think?


Help me!


Artifacts in my space!

Um, Mommy, I know you’re busy trying to make your dissertation deadline, but did you have to scatter things all over my space?

These artifacts are blocking the way to my carrier and I want to go to there…Woof!

Vet day

Yesterday was a very bad day.  Mommy and Daddy said the magic word, “go” so I got all excited that we were going somewhere.  When we arrived at our destination, I realized I was tricked!  We weren’t anywhere fun, we were at the vet!  Oh no!!!!  Daddy took me to the pet store afterwards for a treat to make it up to me.

That’s me holding my treat.  Before I ate it, it was a little alligator dental treat.  It was my treasure and I carried it around…

Well, until…a certain point anyway.  It’s all gone now and my teeth are pearly white!  Woof!


At work

Shhh,don’t bother us right now, Mommy and I are hard at work.

Well, Mommy is writing and I’m being supportive by recharging my energy to play later.  Being so cute and playing is a lot of work you know!  Woof!


When I travel, I travel in comfort!

I get to take my crate-den with all of my bedding, and I get some kale to munch on (I already ate the stem!)!  I know I’m a lucky boy, I can’t help but smile!  Woof!

I’ve been really busy lately, too busy to blog in fact.  What have I been doing, you ask?  Enjoying summer, of course!

Ahhh, how about that sun.  I’ve also had fun spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, Lucille and Boudreaux, and visiting one of my favorite pet stores Paws and Claws!  They even featured me on their Facebook page, check it out here!  I’ll write more soon, as soon as I have a moment, woof!

Frontline Norwich

Have you seen the new cover for Frontline for small dogs?  It’s got one of my kin on it!

Although, I’d have to say, I would be pretty cute on the cover too…what do you think?


Working hard

Daddy’s working hard, so hard that I’m exhausted.  Time to be supportive and catch some zzz’s!


Mommy’s carpet

Shh, I’m sitting on the carpet underneath Mommy’s chair where I’m not supposed to be.  She won’t notice me immediately because she’s busy dissertating, whatever that means.

Lucky for me, how can anyone resist this cute face?  Oh, you noticed me, Mommy!  Will you give me a chest rub while I’m here?  I’ll give you a kiss!  Woof!

Eating a rainbow

I like eating healthy things!  Mommy and Daddy only let me eat things that are good for cute Norwich Terriers.  Recently, Mommy decided to look up what kind of yummy fruits and vegetables are good for me to eat and I started trying some.  Grandma talks about how eating a rainbow is good for you anyway, so I might as well try it!

You already saw how I like carrots, so here are some of the greens I like to eat.  Mommy steamed me these goodies.  It’s just broccoli and celery.  I’m actually much more partial to broccoli than celery.  I’ll crunch on broccoli raw and eat all the tiny florets that fall to the ground when Mommy is preparing it.  Celery…is okay.  I like it better when it is steamed, but when it’s raw, it HAS to have some peanut butter on it, otherwise YUCK!

Please, please let me have some, Mommy!  Go go power of cute puppy dog eyes!  Woof!