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Reading with Daddy

I enjoy lap time with Daddy, it’s fun that we get to hang out while he works.


I am, however, less convinced that this book is fun.


What do you mean my head is in the way?  You must be joking.  It’s comfortable right here!  Woof!

Mochi Woof 2017!

The Mochi Woof 2017 calendar is so awesome!


I can’t wait to see the photos Mommy put inside of me!  I know my fans are excited to have their new Mochi calendars, too!  Oh boy, oh boy, I can’t wait!  Woof!

A Mochi smile for you

I know things have been a bit rough this week, so here is a cute Mochi smile to brighten your day!


You’re feeling happier now, right?  Happy enough to pass me one of those treats?  What do you say?  Woof!

The stare

I’m busy giving Daddy the long stare.


If I look at him long enough, do you think he will play with me?  Look at me, Daddy, look at me!  Woof!

This weekend, I helped make a birthday apple pie for Grandma!  It was a lot of fun.  How did I help, you ask?  Well, I made sure the apples were tasty and helped with clean up by eating some apple peels.  And helped provide moral support, of course.


It came out so pretty!


Oh boy oh boy, that looks goooooood!  Wait, Mommy, what do you mean pies aren’t for puppies?  What about Mochi?!  Woof!