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Bath Day :(

Oh noes, it’s Bath Day!! ¬†ūüė¶

Please, please, please don’t make me!

Darn it.  You are not my friend right now, Daddy!

Be my friend, please!

When I meet new people I like, this is what I do! ¬†I smile, look cute…

…and say, “Hello, my name is Mochi! ¬†Will you be my friend?” ¬†And by friend, I mean feed me, love me, and play with me, of course!


It’s been really warm here lately, all I want to do is flop on my bed and sprawl out.

Looks uncomfortable you say? ¬†Nah, it’s quite comfty, see?

Now, how about that ice cube to cool me off?  Woof!

Back to normal!

We’re back at home now and doing what we normally do. ¬†Let’s take a peek.

Yup, back to normal!  Woof!

Lazy day!

Quiet day at home.  I think I shall relax and ponder how lucky of a dog I am!

Now to think about when my dinner is coming tonight, hmmm…Woof!


I found a good way to relax with Daddy after a long day of car travel yesterday, want to see?

Pretty good to have Daddy’s tummy as my pillow. ¬†Oh so comfortable!

Too bad we can’t do this all the time! ¬†Woof!

Hot dog!

It’s been really, really hot here lately! ¬†I spend a lot of time panting when I move around since wearing a fur coat isn’t really great for keeping a little dog nice and cool.

Anyone got an ice cube for me to munch on?  Woof!

I’m a calendar boy!

Since my mommy takes all of these wonderful photographs of me, I’ve made it into the annual Norwich Terrier calendar for the Pacific Northwest Norwich Terrier Club! ¬†My canine mommy and her human mommy live up in Washington where I was born, so I’m a Pacific Northwest terrier at heart, even if I’m a California dog now. ¬†I’m inside the calendar 3 times, and see if you recognize the cutie here on the cover!

Pretty awesome, right?!  Woof!

Help me!

I just had a bath.

I really don’t want to talk about it.

Help me!!


Busy week!

Yet another busy week for me, let me show you some of the highlights!

Sunning myself–very important. ¬†I am skilled in sunning myself at Grandma and Grandpa’s–I know how to hide my face in the shade if I don’t want the sun in my eyes!

Lucille and Boudreaux time!

Me stealing Boudreaux’s first ever toy.

Girlfriend ‚̧

The kitchen–it’s where magic happens!

You’re cutting me carrots, right?!

Grandma, is it time to eat yet?

Busy week, don’t you say? ¬†No wonder now all I want to do is this: