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Too much!

This is my “Grandma gave me too much food” look.

Yup, while Mommy and Daddy weren’t looking, she snuck me 3/4 of a banana and a bunch of carrot!  Wish I could have had some of that food on the table yesterday, too.  Those banana-blueberry cupcakes sure smelled good.  Anyway, I need to rest now, my tummy is full!  Woof!


I’m thankful for a lot of things, which make me smile, like my family, my friends…

…and let’s not forget numnums, my beds, my toys, the refrigerator, and treats!  They sure make me smile in a supercute way!  Woof!

Bed head

Sometimes the best way to use a bed is like a pillow.

This way I can be closer to Daddy’s feet!  Woof!

Blankie face

This is my “I’m having fun playing with my blankie face.”

Can’t you tell that I’m having lots of fun?  Woof!


Wait, Mommy, I blinked in that one!!

Take another one, please!

Yeah, that one is much better!  Okay how about some treats for this cute face?  Woof!

Notice me!

Mommy’s been too busy to help me blog this week.  I’ve been waiting quietly and patiently for her on my bed next to her desk, hoping she will notice my Mochi cuteness.

Lucky for me, my bed is soooo comfortable!  I may just doze off while I wait for her to finish grading and help me blog about how cute I am.  C’mon Mommy, help me out!  Woof!