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Daddy’s home!!!!

Daddy’s home, Daddy’s home, I’m so happy!  Squeakfest in celebration!



I went with my mommy to pick him up from the airport last night.  When I realized who it was who got into the car, I couldn’t help myself from making little crying noises because I was so happy.  Yay!

Mr. Grumps

Yup, that’s what happens when I am not happy.  Why am I not happy do you ask?  Because my daddy disappeared somewhere Thursday evening (despite my mournful cries when he was leaving) and my mommy has been ignoring me and not giving me all the love, attention, and exercise I deserve.  What do you mean she doesn’t have the energy to take me on walkies because she has the flu?!


Mommy better get better soon.  And Daddy better come back home ASAP!  This is NOT my weekend!

Mini-fox mode

This is what I look like when I’m in mini-fox mode.  It’s one of the ways I like to curl up and sleep on my donut bed.  It’s also what my mommy should be doing right now instead of helping me post a photo of myself because she caught my daddy’s flu bug!  Let’s sleep!


Ultimate favorite food

Canned food, beautiful yummy canned food, you are the ultimate favorite.  I don’t get canned food very often, and only a little at a time…but every once in a while I’ll hear that magical sound of the can opener and it will be opening a can for me and not a can of tomatoes or beans or something else for my mommy and daddy.  Last night they decided to give me some canned food, and I was so happy!  I really, really like tripe, but last night was duck and potato which isn’t bad either!

Daddy showed me the can and I could taste it already!!! But they made me wait…I tried to be a good boy.  I showed restraint…

I said please with my big puppy dog eyes…

And eventually I just couldn’t wait any more!!

Once my daddy said it was okay to eat (I always have to sit and wait before I can eat my meals!), I scarfed down my food.  If you don’t want to watch me eat the whole time, skip to about 1:40 in the video to see me finish and lick my bowl entirely clean 🙂

Maybe I should go and double check my food bowl again to make sure I got everything!  Woof woof!

Just some classic me-cuteness!

My mommy stripped some of the hair away from my eyes yesterday so I can look extra cute.  I don’t particularly like it when she pulls it, but the resulting me-cuteness levels are pretty astronomical.  What do you think?


My BFFs are the best!

I have some really awesome BFFs.  What’s a BFF you ask?  Best friend forever, of course!  My BFFs are siblings, two Irish Terriers.   I got to see them today for a bit, which was a lot of fun!  Boudreaux is the first friend I made as a puppy.  He’s a little bit older than I am but we’ve had lots of fun when I visit Northern California!  He didn’t really want to play with me much today, but that’s okay!

His younger sister is named Lucille.  She’s my girlfriend and totally out of my league–she’s a show dog and really, really pretty.

She’s younger than me and super energetic!  We like to do stuff together like play tug…

…run around…

…and chase squirrels.

I try to be a good boy and do nice things like whisper sweet nothings into her ear… 

She makes me really happy!

Bou and Lu, please let me come play with you again soon!  Woof!

Traumatizing baths…

Yesterday’s bath was so traumatizing, I have to emphasize it again today…but this time with a video with me post-bath.

This is what I look like after my bath, all agitated and unhappy.  My fur gets all poofy where it’s long because my daddy hasn’t stripped the dead hair of my outer coat yet.

It’s actually the reason why my parents call me “Little Bear” sometimes, because when I’m all poofy I look rounder like a bear.

What do you think?  I still look cute don’t I?  🙂  Thank goodness I don’t have to go through that again until next month!

But I don’t wanna take a bath!!

Today was the worst–I had a bath this evening.  I really don’t like getting wet, I’ll even jump over or walk around puddles when it rains if I can…I just don’t like water.  Drinking water is fine.  Having water all over me is no good 😦  However, today my mommy and daddy decided that it was going to be bath day so that I’d be all clean for visiting my Northern California grandparents this weekend.  I really wasn’t that dirty, I swear!

Help me!!!

I look like I’m enjoying this, don’t I?  Well, I guarantee you that I’m not.  I’m only panting because the water is warm…but I do look rather cute.

The ONLY good part about having a bath is that I get a tendon at the end as a treat for being a good boy.

But I think I look rather silly after my bath, don’t you?  Look at my head!!

Sigh…it’s tough being me!

Belly rubs are the bestest!

I love belly rubs.

Enough said!

A different kind of February

Ever wonder what I looked like one year ago and what I was doing?  Well, I’ll show you!

Let’s take it even one step further.  Ever wonder what I look like wearing that cute, custom-made jacket (thanks Grandma!!) in the snow and playing fetch with a stick one year ago?

I got it, I got it!

Woof woof!