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I miss going to my Ithaca daycare.  Friday used to be the best day of the week because it was daycare day.  I used to go to Those Dirty Dogs and play on Fridays because it was small dog day.  Wellington was my best friend there, I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Shanti the Tibetan Terrier was always fun to play with as well!

Then there was Bart.  We terriers know how to play terrier-rough!

Ah, those were the days…





Walkies make me happy!

Yesterday on my walk, I ran into two of my friends in the neighborhood, Lola (who you have met), and Kingston.  I was so happy to be able to see them, kiss each other, and play!  When I came back, I was all smiles!

Walkies make me happy!  Woof!


I like to wrestle and play.  Unfortunately I can’t always play with some of my other canine friends, so I have to settle for playing with my daddy–he’s pretty good to play with too.

I think it’s time to rest for now!  Better recharge my batteries for later–or better yet, feed me and I’ll be ready to play again!  Woof!

Bad, bad, bad day

Daddy took me to the vet today.  Did I do something wrong and that’s why I had to go to that awful place?  Excuse me while I sleep and try to forget what happened 😦


Father’s Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day today.  I had a very busy one–I had to show my daddy how much I love him.  Of course this means I’m very sleepy now.

What did I give my daddy for Father’s Day, you ask?  Lots of kisses of course!  Woof!

Now that summer is just about upon us, I started thinking about what I did last summer.  And here’s one image that pops to mind:

Mochi, Norwich Terrier, and Mommy’s archaeological excavation mascot trying to keep cool with a frozen cooler frisbee and a cooling dog jacket (that is slightly too big!) that I borrowed from my cousin Maddie.  Thank goodness there’s none of that nonsense this year!  I can sleep in the comforts of my own bed!

I wonder what’s up these stairs and who has been here…

Let’s go explore, Daddy!

Norwich duo

Over the weekend I got to go to the dog park near my grandma and grandpa’s house.  It was a lot of fun to run around and make new friends.



One really cool friend I made was Cosmo, who is also a Norwich Terrier!


We had fun hanging out.  He’s 12, so he didn’t really want to wrestle with me, but that’s okay.


So much fun to meet another Norwich!  Maybe we will run into each other again sometime…Woof!


Did you know that I travel in luxury?

Got my crate, my comfy crate pads, my toys…all I need now is a bunch of treats and maybe a tendon.  Where are we heading to Mommy?

All tricked out.

I can do tricks, wanna see?


Pretty good huh?  Now, where’s that treat for me?  Woof!