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Sorry I’ve been quiet, I had a lot of fun spending the holidays with my family.  Let me show you what I did!

I saw my best friends from puppyhood.  We are old puppies now.  I think we are still pretty cute.img_0701-m

I had some quality napping time in the sun.  It felt so good!


I helped Mommy and Grandma wrap gifts.  And by wrap, I mean unwrap my gift as soon as it was prepared.


I helped with the holiday baking, specifically clean up duty.  I love when we make peanut butter and jelly muffins for Christmas brunch!  Cleaning the peanut butter off the spoons is a very important job.


I was a good big cousin to my baby cousin, Perry, including posing for this photo:


I also stole some of Perry’s toys.


All in all, it was a wonderful holiday!  I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings, hopefully more treats for yours truly.  Sending Mochi kisses, woof!

Cousin Perry

I have a new puppy cousin.  His name is Perry.  He is a Shih-tzu/Chihuahua mix and very small.  And very much a puppy.  With a lot of energy.  I met him for the first time right before Christmas.



Mommy, what is this fuzzy thing?!


The first time we met, I made sure to let him know not to be too crazy around me and then we were okay–especially after I stole the treat he hid in his carrier.


Thanks Uncle Chris for this photo…and for giving me a ton of treats for being the bestest boy.  I am the bestest of boys, right?  Woof!