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Last bath of 2012

Over the weekend my cousins came over to play with me, but Mommy and Daddy said that that meant I needed to be clean…and then the B word came out.

They said it quietly but I heard them!  Nervously, I approached…but alas…

Darn it.

I did have fun with my cousins, though!  Thank goodness no more baths this year.  Until next year then…Woof!

Happy birthday cousin Zoe!

Today is my big cousin Zoe’s 16th birthday!!  Happy birthday cousin Zoe!

*gives lickkisses*  Woof!

Holidays are fun!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season, I know I surely did!  I got to see family, play with Lucille and Boudreaux, got lots of love and attention.  I even I got to help make peanut butter and jelly muffins for Grandma’s annual Christmas brunch!

It was hard work, I tell you!  I even got some presents on Christmas, including three new toys and this gift from my Grandma and Grandpa!

Thanks everyone for the gifts!  Now, time to make some of those cookies for me, right Mommy?  Woof!

It smells like…cookies?!

Grandpa and Daddy are making something that smells really good.  I love the smell of butter, mmmmm.


Eye on the prize!  Woof!



Hope you’re having a good day!  Woof!

Mommy got a new camera app for her phone and tested it out on me!

Pretty cool, huh?



Remember that organic pumpkin my grandma grew for me?  Well my mommy finally got around to cooking it!  Half of it she and Daddy ate for dinner and the other half she roasted for me!  Look how yummy it looks!

Mmmm, so tasty.  I’ve been getting to eat a little piece every day after my meal.

Mommy and Daddy never give me enough!  Woof!

Catching some z’s

Shhh, I’m sleeping, don’t bother me!

Let me show you a close up of that feet action there!

Ah, this is the life!  Woof!


I’ve discovered a new food I really, really like–apples!  And not just any apples, organic fuji apples grown by grandpa!

Mmm, mmm, mmm doesn’t that look TASTY?!  Mommy cuts little bite-sized pieces for me.

And then I get to eat them!!!

Hear me crunch on it?  So tasty!  Woof!

Theme song!

Did you know that there is a Norwich Terrier theme song?  Yup, about cute little Norwich Terriers like me!

It is from the movie “Best in Show” which features a Norwich!  Let me share it with you!!