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Can I help you?

Yes, did you call my name?  Can I help you?


What’s that?  I blend into the floor color?  Well, I guess you’re right.  We are both a beautiful red/tan color!  Woof!

Spring flowers

The flowers in Grandma and Grandpa’s yard were so pretty and vibrant last time I visited.  Mommy was determined to get a picture of them with me, but I wasn’t really in the mood…so it took a number of tries.


Nope, won’t look at you.


Nope, still won’t look at you.


Oh wait what’s that, a treat?!  Okay you have my attention now!  I guess it did make a pretty cute picture though, woof!


I’m sooooo tired.  I went to Wags Club for daycare for a few days while Mommy and Daddy went to a conference and now I am just tired and sore from playing.


I’m busy resting right now, okay?  We can play later after I’ve recharged my batteries.  Unless you have dinner ready, then we can talk now.  Woof!

Kibble day!

Oh boy, oh boy, it’s time to open a new bag of kibble!


It smells sooooooo good!  Please say it is time for num nums now!  I’m so hungry!  Woof!