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Grandma and Grandpa!

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit me!  I had a lot of fun, especially sitting underneath them.

Grandma, if you’re done up there, can we talk about some numnums now?  Woof!

Sleeping on a hot day

On hot days, I like to snooze and enjoy my bed.

Please don’t bother me!  Woof!


What am I doing, you ask?

Just waiting for Mommy to fold laundry!  After that we’re going to play, right?

Nevermind, I got tired of waiting.  Time for a nap!  Woof!

Yummy yummies

I heard (and smelled) something yummy on the table.

Is it something for Mochi?!  Please say yes!  Woof!


Kisses for Mommy while she pets me!

Whoops, I guess I missed your hand, Mommy.  I’ll lick my nose instead!  Woof!

Squirrel hunting, again

Still waiting for those squirrels!

If I wait long enough, they’ll come back, right?  Woof!

Mochi cuteness for your day

How about some Mochi cuteness and cheer for your day?

Mommy says it always works for her!  Woof!