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I’m bored~!


Why aren’t we doing anything fun anymore, like go to daycare?  I want to see my friends!  Can we do something fun soon, please?  Woof!

5th blog anniversary!

Five years ago, Mommy helped me write my first blog post.  Can you believe it has been that long?  I’m happy to be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Mochi blog today!


Thanks everyone for the love and support!  Now, how about a tasty treat to celebrate this occasion?  Please, please, please?  Woof!


It has been super rainy lately.  While everyone says we need the rain to stop the drought, I can’t say I’m terribly pleased.  I hate getting wet!!  When I go out on walkies, I don’t want to cross the street because there are rivers.


Luckily, if I look cute enough at Daddy, he will pick me up so I don’t have to get my paws wet.


Can we please go back inside now?  I’m all wet and I don’t like it!  Woof!


I love my bed

I love my bed.  Actually, I love all my beds, but right now I love this one the most.


It’s nice and big that I can sprawl out, and it has a bumper so I can rest my head.  I can just relax all afternoon and dream about walkies and numnums.  Pretty nice, huh?  Woof!

It’s my 8th birthday today!  What did I do to celebrate, you ask?  Well, Mommy and Daddy took me to the pet store!  Oh, boy it was so much fun.


Daddy was going to buy me a pupcake, but they were out!  I settled for a smoked marrow bone instead, it was so tasty!


I spent the whole afternoon getting the yummy goodness from the bone.  Not a bad way to spend my birthday, huh?  Now, how about something extra for dessert tonight, too?  Woof!