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I’m a pro at going up the stairs now!

Well, mostly anyway.  Woof!

Daily dose of Mochi love

Have you loved your Mochi today?

I’ll give you a smile and cute look if you do!  Woof!

The tough life

This is the tough life: deciding on whether or not I want to get up from my bed to chew on my bone or stay here cuz it’s too hot.

Maybe if it were a new frozen marrow bone that would make the decision easier!  What do you think, Daddy?  Woof!

While on walkies with Daddy today, we found someone’s lost toy!  I couldn’t just leave it there, so I adopted it and carried it all the way home.

Then I played with it!

I had so much fun playing with it and was really working at chewing one side, but then I got distracted and it disappeared!  Daddy had it last, I wonder what happened to it, I want to tear off more of the tennis ball outside!  Woof!

Get your beg on

This is my beg face.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Right now I’m hoping to get something yummy to chew on!  Either a sweet potato ring or a tendon would be really nice , please.  Woof!

The hunt

Sometimes squirrels go by in the trees off of the patio.  I like to hunt them.

I haven’t caught one yet, but I’m hoping to one day soon!  Woof!


Some afternoons are just best spent napping.

This is one of them!  Woof!


Daddy, can I please sit with you and Mommy on the futon?

I know I have a bed over there, but I want to sit with you!  Please?  I promise to be a good puppy.  Woof!