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Waiting for dinner

Dinner never comes fast enough.  To make sure that Mommy and Daddy remember to feed me, I like to hang out in strategic locations, usually in the middle of walkways.


It usually works because Mommy or Daddy eventually have to walk past me.


It’s numnums time now, right?  Woof!

Excuse me human, is it time yet?  I’m tired of waiting for numnums!


I really wish you would notice what a good boy I am.  I’m being quiet and so very cute.  Don’t you think that deserves dinner 15 minutes early?  Woof!

Kibble day!

Oh boy, oh boy, it’s time to open a new bag of kibble!


It smells sooooooo good!  Please say it is time for num nums now!  I’m so hungry!  Woof!

Mochi for Mochi?

Mommy and Daddy bought some mochi.  No, not the ME kind but the green tea kind.


The most important question now is, is that mochi for Mochi?  And if it isn’t for me, then what do I get to eat while you get to eat mochi?!  Maybe a bone, what do you think?  Woof!

Bored. So, so bored.

Mommy and Daddy, you two are being so boring today.  I don’t know what this work, writing, or grading thing you’re talking about is, but I know it isn’t fun for me.


Maybe we can play with Jimi and then eat some snacks?  Or take a walk?  Let’s just do something fun, please!  Woof!


Daddy bought me a new type of chaw for my post-dinner snack that is supposed to be like rawhide but isn’t rawhide.  Doesn’t matter to me since it was tasty.


Since it’s good for me to chew and knock the plaque off of my teeth, I can have another one, right?  Woof!

Multicolored carrots

Today I’ve been thinking about the time when Grandpa bought me carrots.


They were tasty.


Yummy!  Can I have another just like those?  That purple carrot was so good!  Woof!


Farmer’s market days.  I love farmer’s market days.


Those blueberries are all for me, right?  Okay, fine I’ll share with you but they’re mostly for me, right?  Woof!

What is that?

Yeah, so I don’t really know what that is, but it came out of the same bag as the carrots.  Is it for me?


Actually on second thought (after a lick), I think I’ll pass.  Daddy, you can have it.  Woof!

Best place in the house

This is the best place in the house, where all the action happens.


That’s right, it’s where my food and treats are!  Maybe if I wait here long enough someone will notice me and give me something to eat.  Woof!