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Braving the elements

Oh my gosh, I want to go outside!  Daddy, can we go outside already?


Hey man, why did you take me outside?  It’s raining outside!  I’m wet now!


That wasn’t very nice of you Daddy.  I don’t like being wet!  Woof!

Fetch the duck

It’s time to play with my duck!


I feel like a retriever and not a terrier!  Now, where do I put this guy?  Woof!

Sleeping sort of day

Today feels like a good day to just stay in bed and sleep.

We can go outside and play tomorrow, okay?  Woof!

Door snake

Since it has been cold, Mommy and Daddy have been using the door snake Grandma made to keep the draft out.  Sometimes when Daddy opens the door, though, he tosses the door snake on my bed.


I usually don’t mind and just cuddle with it, but this time it is in a most inconvenient spot.  Can you be a bit more careful next time, Daddy?  There’s a hogging snake my bed!!  Woof!

Bath day :(

I was having so much fun at daycare while Mommy and Daddy were conferencing, I can’t believe that when I got home I had to have a bath!


Please don’t make me, Daddy!  I don’t smell!


Nuts.  What do you mean Mommy says I smell?!  I am perfect just the way I am.  Woof!

I’m 7 today!

It’s my seventh birthday!  To celebrate, Daddy bought me a peanut butter and carob pupcake, hurray!


I love pupcakes, they’re so tasty!


I ate it all!  Well, the half that Mommy said I could eat.

Every single last crumb was mine.

What do you mean that’s all?

It’s my birthday, can’t I eat the other half?  You only turn seven once!  Woof!

I encountered a squirrel on walkies.  I spotted it high up on the power lines before Mommy and Daddy like a good, alert little Norwich.  When it knew I had spotted it, the squirrel froze.


I wanted to cross the street and chase after it, but Daddy said no.  It was a nice and fat one, I just know I would have gotten it!  Woof!