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I’m sick of waiting for Daddy to come home.  I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and now I’m tired of it!

Come home, Daddy!  Woof!


Pondering the meaning of life from the comforts of my bed.

It’s good to be me!  Woof!

Puppy Mochi

This was me six years ago, wasn’t I a cutie?

I did a pretty good job looking cute for tasty treats, but I’ve certainly mastered the look in six years!  Woof!

Spring break

Last week was spring break!  While Mommy and Daddy were busy grading, I was busy, too.

It’s hard being me sometimes!  Woof!

Wet Mochi

It’s wet outside.  I don’t like getting wet.

Daddy, you need to do a better job of holding the umbrella over me.  I am not a happy Mochi.  Woof!

Naptime snuggles

It’s a curl in your bed and nap kind of day.

My bed is so nice to snuggle in!  Please don’t bother me right now while I’m all comfortable.  Woof!