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Multicolored carrots

Today I’ve been thinking about the time when Grandpa bought me carrots.


They were tasty.


Yummy!  Can I have another just like those?  That purple carrot was so good!  Woof!

Farmers’ market days

I love farmers’ market days.  There’s always something tasty for Mochi when Mommy and Daddy come home.


The carrots are the bestest!


It’s time to eat these now, right?  Fresh carrots, oh boy!  Woof!

It isn’t easy teaching your Daddy how to understand what you want when you’re just a little Norwich.  Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he needs a little more help from me…kind of like this.


See Daddy, this means I want something from the fridge.  Do you get it now?  Carrots please!  Woof!