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I miss squirrel hunting at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  There are always squirrels for me to hunt!


I am particularly good at chasing them from the bird feeder!  Let me at them!  Let’s get them!  Woof!

On patrol

I’m a bit tired today, but I’m still doing my squirrel patrol duties.


Good thing I know Daddy will let me know if he sees something.  We make a great squirrel hunting team!  Woof!

I encountered a squirrel on walkies.  I spotted it high up on the power lines before Mommy and Daddy like a good, alert little Norwich.  When it knew I had spotted it, the squirrel froze.


I wanted to cross the street and chase after it, but Daddy said no.  It was a nice and fat one, I just know I would have gotten it!  Woof!


I’ve been squirrel hunting a lot lately.  This scrawny juvenile squirrel keeps hanging out on my balcony.

One day, I will get you squirrel.  Until then, I will be waiting.  Woof!

Squirrel hunting, again

Still waiting for those squirrels!

If I wait long enough, they’ll come back, right?  Woof!