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When I was visiting Grandma and Granda, I got to visit Paws and Claws!  It’s so exciting, it is one of my favorite places to visit in Oakland.


Look at this haul, I’m so excited!  Smoked marrow bones, new Zukes treats, and a venison chew, oh boy, oh boy!  How about we start with one of those now?  Thank you Paws and Claws for being so awesome!  Woof!

Best day ever

Today was one of the best days ever.  I got to play with my BFFs and got to go to one of my favorite pet stores, Paws and Claws!  They didn’t have the food Mommy and Daddy wanted to get me, but I got some treats!

Awww yeah, I am one happy Norwich!  Now, how about trying one of those sweet potato and venison treats you bought me?  Woof!